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Picking Brains with Cheer Accident

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Alex Perkolup is a musician who currently plays bass and guitar in the critically acclaimed progressive rock band, Cheer-Accident. Originally formed in 1981, Cheer-Accident has maintained an impressively fresh and interesting sound, oscillating between noise and pop, refusing to be categorized. The music is moody, complex, and highly composed, but never muddy. Perkolup has been one of the three mainstays in their ever-evolving lineup for six years. He has also played in Bobby ConnLovely Little Girls, andThe Flying Luttenbachers, among others.

Do you have formal music training?

I started lessons at eight and went on until I was about nineteen. I had one guitar teacher for nine years of that time who was a big influence on me. I started playing because of Eddie Van Halen. I came out of the metal school of musicianship. I was really into difficult playing and my guitar teacher recognized that. He introduced me to King CrimsonMahavishnu OrchestraGentle Giant and some progressive rock bands, so he was very instrumental in my influence.

What is it about “difficult playing” that you are interested in?

The challenge, which is both mental and physical. It’s complicated, so you really have to get inside of something. Then you give it a certain sense of freedom with your playing. Plus it hurts your fingers. Read the rest of this entry »


Written by Kelly Reaves

November 24, 2009 at 8:48 am